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As we have limited seating and want to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, when arriving with a party of 8 or more, please call and make a reservation.
Thank you!

Back in the ’80s, in a small town in southwest Michigan, a group of friends would meet in a Barn to have a little fun. Memories were made at The Barn that are talked about to this day. To many, The Barn is a legendary place where friends, old and new, would relax, listen to music and drink a few beers. The friendships made during that time will never be replaced nor forgotten.

Fast forward…The Barn in Lawton, Michigan, is a casual place for friends to talk, relax and enjoy live music with great craft beer by Barn Brewers Brewery. We would like to invite everyone to join us and create some new memories at The Barn.

Current Hours:

Monday: 3-9pm

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday & Thursday: 3-10pm

Friday & Saturday: 12-11pm

Sunday: 12-7pm