Brews & More


Bourbon BarrelsBarrel #5 – Barley Crib Stout 8%

Farm Boss – ABV 4.8% – Lemon & clove.  Make this beer a one of a kind at The Barn.

The EPA – ABV 5.4% – A crowd favorite at The Barn. An English Pale Ale full of flavor.

Push Mower – ABV 4.6% – A refreshing wheat with a slight lemon twist.  You’ll keep the lines straight while mowing the lawn.

Maintenance Shed – ABV 5.5% – A light lager with a slightly hoppy twist.  Made with 2 Row and pilsner malts.

STHL – ABV 8% – A double IPA.  Zeus, Columbus, Chinook and Cascade hops make this a Hoppy Libation.

Snow Blower – ABV: 5% – A light colored wheat at 5%.  Our version of a Hefe made with MI Heritage hops.

Barley Crib – ABV: 6% – A dry stout made with a touch of barley.  Big bold and full of flavor.

Chris’ Candy – ABV: 5.6% – A sweet porter with a touch of caramel.  Served in a 10 oz. glass rimmed with old fashion caramel dip.

Pee-Can PorterABV: 5.6% – A robust yet sweet porter with just a touch of pecan.

Barn Dance – ABV: 5.5% – An Irish red with a malt blend of toasty and sweet. Big aroma and flavor.

BRB – ABV: 3.2% – Barn Root Beer is a combination of one of our favorite beers and root beer.

Center Punch – ABV: 6.7% – One of our favorite IPA’s! Clean and crisp with a nice Centennial hop flavor.


Grandpa Dave’s Root Beer – Non-alcoholic root beer.

Craft Sodas– Rotating taps – Non-alcoholic.



Cody Kresta Vidal Blanc – This is a light, well-rounded wine with crisp flavors of apricots and fruit.  Semi-Sweet

Cody Kresta Red – A light blend of Foch, Pinot Gris and Vidal Blanc.  A classic that pairs wonderful with food.  Dry

Peat’s Original Cider – ABV: 6% – Semi dry hard apple cider.  Made in Paw Paw, MI.

SangriaOur own recipe prepared by the bartender! It’s made with both of our wines and has lemons, oranges, and strawberries in the mix.


Cans (16 oz.) to go. Priced based on beer chosen.

Growlers (64 oz.) Tier 1 $16. Tier 2 $17. Tier 3 $20. Cider $24. Bring it back for $2 off each refill!