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NEW The EPA – ABV: 6.6% – The English Pale Ale is a mix of fruity and herbal with a lighter body yet full of flavor.

NEW Orchard Wheat – ABV 5.5% – A light-colored wheat with a big aroma and citrus flavor.

NEW Bench Grinder IPA – ABV 6.8% – Brewed with kilned coffee malts – unique color and flavor.

Boat Barn Stout – ABV: 5.5% – Our collaboration stout with Boatyard Brewing Company. Brewed with peanut butter toast malt from Pilot Malt House in Grand Rapids, MI.

*Barrel #1 – ABV: 7.2% – A barrel aged spiced ale. *Currently not on tap.

*Barrel #2 – ABV: 9% – Barrel aged porter with hints of caramel and cherry. *Currently not on tap.

*Tool Shed – ABV: 5% – A dry stout with a hint of caramel. *Currently not on tap.

*Tool Bench – ABV: 5% – A dry barley stout on nitro. *Currently not on tap.

Pee-Can Porter – ABV: 5% – A robust yet sweet porter with just a touch of pecan.

Porch Hound – ABV: 4.8% – A light, pale ale with a little bite.

*Brown Mule – ABV: 5.3% – A smooth brown ale with hints of caramel and chocolate. Well balanced due to the generous use of American hops. *Not currently on tap.

*Mrs. Claus’s Cherry – ABV: 7% – Deep red hue with hints of vanilla, maple, cinnamon and cherry. *Not currently on tap.

*Prairie Ronde PunchABV: 5.5% – A harvest ale made with local Prairie Ronde hops. *Not currently on tap.

Barn Light Smash – ABV: 4.6% – Single malt, single hop pale ale. Light, clean and crisp.

Barn Dance – ABV: 5.5% – An Irish red with a malt blend of toasty and sweet. Big aroma and flavor.

Push Mower – ABV: 4.6% – A refreshing wheat with a slight lemon twist.

BRB – ABV: 3.2% – Barn Root Beer is a combination of one of our favorite beers and root beer.

Center Punch – ABV: 6% – One of our favorite IPA’s! Clean and crisp with a nice Centennial hop flavor.

Cherry Wheat – ABV: 4.6% – A lighter version of our famous cherry brew.

*Black Gold, Black IPA – ABV: 6% – Light bodied, smooth and malty with enough hop flavor to give it a full balance. Subtle, sweet black licorice finish. Tettnanger and Willamette hops. *Not currently on tap.

*Porter House – ABV: 5.6% – A complex, roasty porter with a chocolate and caramel malt presence. *Not currently on tap

*C-Clamp IPA – ABV: 5.5% – Golden caramel color with a crisp, hoppy finish. Brewed with Michigan’s big four “C” hops.

*Tractor Wood, Imperial IPA – ABV: 8.2% – A clean, crisp, heavy malted (and hopped) Imperial with Columbus and Cascade hops. *Currently not on tap.

*Oatmeal Stout – ABV: 5% – Full body with a nutty, sweet, oat flavor. On Nitro to make it extra smooth and creamy. *Not currently on tap.

*Smoke Bomb – ABV: 4.9% – A light-colored, smoked wheat. Clean, crisp and full of flavor. Brewed with cherry smoked malt from Pilot Malt House in Grand Rapids. *Not currently on tap.

*Ridin’ Mower – ABV: 4.5% – A cream ale that is light in body, smooth, light in bitterness and has a sweet malt profile. *Not currently on tap.

*Rye Spreader – ABV: 6% – A lighter colored amber with big malt flavor and just a hint of rye. *Not currently on tap.

*Spiced Porter on Nitro – ABV: 7% – A complex beer served only on Nitro – it brings out the cinnamon, vanilla and brown sugar. *Currently not on tap.

*Jack-O-Hammer – ABV: 6% – A medium bodied ale brewed with generous amounts of pumpkin. Light spice enables the pumpkin flavor to surface. *Not currently on tap.


Blue Devil Hard Cider – ABV: 6.7% – A proprietary blend of four Michigan grown apples. Crisp, fruity and refreshing. Gluten free.

Barn Red – Capriccio – A big, soft, red wine with the right balance between fruitiness and dryness.

Barn White – Pinot Grigio – A clean, crisp, dry white wine. Made in a classic Italian style.

Sangria – Our own recipe prepared by the bartender! It’s made with both of our wines and has lemons, oranges, and strawberries in the mix.

Grandpa Dave’s Root Beer – Non-alcoholic root beer.

Rotating Craft Sodas – Non-alcoholic.

Flights – pick 4 of our great beers.

Howlers (32 oz.) Bring back your howler and receive $2 off each refill!

Growlers (64 oz.) Available to purchase. Bring it back and receive $2 off each refill!