Brews & More


BRB – ABV 3.2% – Barn Root Beer is a combination of one of our favorite beers and our own root beer. $5/pint

Barn Dance – ABV 5.5% – An Irish red with a malt blend of toasty and sweet. Big aroma and flavor. $5/pint

Barn Light – ABV 4.6% – SMASH.  Single malt, single hop pale ale.  Light, clean and crisp.  $5/pint

Butter Toffee Stout – ABV 6.5% – The perfect blend of butter toffee and our coffee malt stout.  $6/pint

Center Punch – ABV 6.7% – One of our favorite IPA’s! Clean and crisp with a nice Centennial hop flavor. $5/pint

Chris’s Candy ON NITRO – A robust Porter flavored with caramel served in a glass rimmed in caramel. $6/10 oz

Corn Crib 823 – ABV 6.5% – A Kentucky Common Ale brewed with corn and rye. $5/pint

EPA – ABV 6% – English Pale Ale. If you enjoy a more malty beer this one is for you. $5/pint

Good to the Last Drop – ABV 6.5% – Smokey flavored Coffee malt stout. $6/pint

Mud Cricket – ABV 5.0% – An English Brown brewed with a blonde roast malt.  $5/pint

Pee-Can Porter – ABV 5.6% – A robust yet sweet porter with just a touch of pecan. 6%/pint

Porter House – ABV 5.6% – Robust malty porter. $6/pint

Shop Light – ABV 4.6% – Belgium Pale Ale. $5/pint

Also available: Cans to Go and Growlers

Specialty Drinks

Beer Bloody Mary served spicy with olive and pickle garnish. $6/pint

Cider Mimosa Orange juice and Blue Devil Cider. $6/pint

Hard Cider

Blue Devil Cider – ABV 6% – $6/pint

Ask your server about having a cider flavored with one of our own craft sodas.


Barn White & Barn Red – $7/pint

Sangria – $7/pint


Grandpa Dave’s Root Beer – $2

Craft Sodas – $2

*The sodas are rotating flavors, ask your server what is available (no free refills)

Also available: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ice Tea, Lemonade (no free refills)

Don’t Forget Dessert

Ice Cream Bars – Large: $5 Small: $2